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MODULE 1  -  COMPUTER BASICS, HARDWARE & SOFTWARE                  (11-27-01)

EVENING INTERNET CLASS  (Instructor:  Larry Neuton)      
(Monday & Thursday 6:30-7:30 PM)
                                        Class Website:
Exposition Park Regional Branch
Los Angeles Public Library
3665 South Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007;  Phone: 323-732-0169;


1) Fundamentals of Computers
(see &
a) Hardware
i) Floppy Disks and drives (a: drive and c: drive)
ii) Hard drives (deleting data - shredding programs)
iii) Input devices
     aa) Keyboard
     bb) Scanners
     cc) digital camera
     dd) barcode reader
iv)  Output devices
     aa) Moniter
     bb) Printer
v) Interrupt conflicts

b) Operating systems (eg, DOS, WIN95, WIN98, WIN ME, WIN NT, LINUX, UNIX)
c) The BIOS software loads the operating system. BIOS performs a Power On Self Test (POST) for the hardware components in the system. It provides a set of low-level routines to manage things like the keyboard, the screen, the serial and parallel ports, etc.. It manages settings for the hard disks, clock, etc.

d) Software (eg, word processing, spreadsheets, Netscape)

1) Bits & Bytes -  Decimal numbers are base 10, Binary numbers are base 2 (On or Off) - base 10 to base 2/        0 =     0, 1 =     1, 2 =    10, 3 =    11, 4 =   100, 5 =   101, 6 =   110, 7 =   111, 8 =  1000, 13 =  1101, 20 = ?,  There are 8 bits in a byte. With 8 bits in a byte, you can represent 256 values ranging from 0 to 255.  2 = 00000010, 255 = 11111111
2) Directories and files
a) ('C' prompt)   C:\WINDOWS\>    ('A' prompt)  A:\DIRECTORY\>
b) C:\dir\
c) File types
i) Program files (eg, file.exe,, file.bat)
ii) Text files (eg., file.txt, file.doc, file.wpd,, file)
iii) Image files (image.gif, image.jpg, image.jpeg, image.pcx)
iv) HTML files (eg. file.htm, file.html)



A) Word Processing

1) WordPerfect for DOS (mother of all wordprocessors) -- edit, save (F10),
open multiple documents,Reveal Codes (F11), macros to automate wordprocessing, etc.

2) Microsoft Word (most popular today)-- Using Word 97

aa) Create a new document, open a new document (Ctrl+N), Open an existing file (Ctrl+O), saving a file (Ctrl+S), Save-As, volatile memory vs. permanent memory, BACK UP YOUR IMPORTANT WORK,
bb) select text (hold down shift key or drag mouse) -- format text (Forman>Font) fonts, font sizes, bold), format paragraph (Format>Paragraph) (line spacing (Format>Paragraph>Line Spacing>Single), center text),
cc) Copy, or cut, and paste text (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V)
dd) Insert a picture into document (Insert>Picture>From File), insert a chart into document, create a footnote
ee) Insert a table into document, using tables to align text
ff) Printing your document (software drivers)
gg) Publish as PDF file, save as HTML document, save as DOS text
hh) Using Merge for a mailing list

3) DOS text editers (NotePad), create an HTML page, JavaScript

B) Spread Sheets (Microsoft Excel)-- Create a simple spreadsheet, formulas on cells, make a graph from spreadsheet data

c) Databases -- Database Basics (fields, panels or tables)

1) Flat file database
2) Relational database
3) Make a database using DataPerfect DBMS (freeware) -- Address Panel, the 'key' field, link to transaction panel, field formulas, reports, report variables
4) Make a database using MS Access -- Using database wizard, customizing our database

D) Image Editing Software

1) Image Organizing Software (PaperPort)
2) OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software (OmniPage, Textbridge)

E) Diagnostics Software (CheckIt Pro)

F) Programming Software (C, C++; Low level languages -- Assembly language (see Debug); High level languages eg, Basic, Visual Basic; RAD's (Rapid Application Development tools, eg. Delphi)

G) Games (Solitaire)

H) Educational Software (AlgeBlaster)

I) Accounting Software

J) PIM's -- Personal Informationa Managers -- InfoSelect

K) Voice Recognition software (Dragon Naturally Speaking, Voice Express)


1) Computer Networks

a) LAN's (Local Area Networks)
b) WAN's (Wide Area Networks)
c) Online Services (eg, CompuServe, AOL)
d) ISP's (Internet Service Providers, e.g., Earthlink, Netcom, Worldnet.att,

2) Filtering Software and Privacy Issues

a) Cyber Patrol (; Netnanny (
b) Anti-filtering groups (
c) Sending Information Securely
d) Cookies

3) Using Internet Browsers -- Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, Opera

a) URL's - Domains   (
i)   .com
ii)  .edu   (WWW._______.EDU)
iii) .gov
iv)  .org
v)   .mil
vi)  .mx, .de, .md, ca (country domains) cf.
vii) DNS system - ping =
b) Back and forward buttons
c) Home Page button
d) Options (set home page, load images, clear cache, etc)
e) Find Button (find words in law case at
f) Printing (print preview to find page number to print)

4) Bookmarks

a) Add bookmark
b) Insert folder
c) Use Personal floppy in a: drive
d) Yahoo bookmarks

5) Search Engines

i)  Categories
ii) General search
b),, and
c) (bid for position)
d) (human editors)

6) E-Mail

a) ISP mail account vs. web-based mail
c) Yahoo mail and,, mail
e) listserves (see

7) Subscription sites ( is fee-based; is free)

8) Some Childrens Sites

a) (fee-based tutoring)
b) (askjeeves for kids)
c) (rainforest information)
d) (homework info from Sea World)

9) Shopping Sites

a)    (auction site)
b)    (auctions)
b)  (credit card payments to non merchants - Paying and receiving payment by email )
d)   (specialty sales)
e)     (books, etc)
f)    (bartering)
g)  (name your own price)
h) Affiliate programs (
i)    (reviews by real people)
j)        (professional product reviews - & downloads)
k)         (compare prices - & reviews)
m)      (coupons available)
n)        (purchases benefit a school)

10) Misc. Sites

a) LAPL (
b) Storing web pages (



COMPUTER CLASS                              (11-28-01)
(Monday & Thursday 6:30-7:30 PM)
Exposition Park Regional Branch
Los Angeles Public Library

3665 South Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007;  Phone: 323-732-0169;

0) Searching Using Yahoo Directory

a) Directory v. Search Engine
b) Find online newspapers for a particular country
c) switch to Google search after Yahoo (bottom of page)
d) Overture (was Go-To -- sponser matches)

1) E-Mail (General)

a) ISP mail account vs. web-based mail
c) Setting up your Netscape browser to receive email
d) Yahoo mail and,, mail
f) listserves (see vs. message boards

2) Yahoo Mail Features

a) Reading your email from the In Box  -  Types of mail
   i) Listserves (
   2) News subscriptions (
   3) Unsubscribing from junk mail servers
   4) Mail with attachments (virus check)
   5) Headers (full or brief)
   6) Getting your mail from your ISP server thru Yahoo
   7) Forwarding a message
   8) Customizing your Mail view through 'Options'
   9) View by Sendor, size, date or subject
b) Folders to organize mail
c) Deleting Mail (Trash folder)
d) Sending Mail (Compose)
   1) Saving a draft
   2) Using address book
   3) Add a signature to your message
   4) Copy to 'Sent' folder
   5) Adding an attachment to message
   6) Plain text or HTML tags allowed
   7) Plain or formatted version
   8) Sending to multiple addresses ('cc' and 'bcc')
e) Search through your mail
f) Using Help Desk
g) Mail Add-ons (Premium services)
   1) Extra storage
   2) Email by phone
   3) Personal address
h) Yahoo Family Accounts (adding children to your account)

3) My Yahoo (creating your personal page and making it home page)

4) Bookmarks (Netscape Bookmarks v. Yahoo bookmarks)
   1) Explorer v. Netscape
   2) Making bookmark folders
   3) Folder at top trick

5) Yahoo Companion
   1) Installing
   2) Customizing
   3) E-Mail alerts

6) Yahoo Notepad
   1) Organizing notes
   2) Cut and paste research

7) Yahoo Calendar
   1) Weekly or monthly view
   2) Adding events
   3) Making it public or private
   4) Recurring events

8) Yahoo Games (Java applets - chess, backgammon, etc)

9) Yahooligans for kids

10) Yahoo messenger

11) Yahoo Briefcase and Yahoo Drive

12) Yahoo maps, etc.
   1) Driving directions
   2) Nearby businesses

13) Yahoo Postal Center

13) GeoCities



Building our own web page:  CLASS WEB SITE:

I.  1st steps

Creating a simple web page using Netscape Composer (editing text, formating text, inserting images, tables, html tags, creating links, targets, etc.)
Saving the file(s)

Sending the file to Geocities server using Geocities FTP;

Uploading using FTP Explorer  (download from

File formats

.exe program files
.zip Compressed zip files  (
.gif or .jpg (.jpeg) image files
.htm (.html) html files
.pdf Adobe Acrobat pdf files  (
.doc Microsoft Word file
.tlx Trellix web file


Acquiring images by scanning

by digital camera
WIN imaging program
PaintShop Pro

images for navigational links  (

Free web hosting sites


Commercial web hosting sites


Using Trellix

Downloading Trellix from Tripod
Designing with Trellix
Trellix Web Gems
Trellix online (chat) support

Adding Java Applets to our site (

Scrolling news
making buttons

Adding a search engine to our site (
Adding a message board to our site (
Adding a listserv to our site (

Submitting our site to search engines

E-Commerce   selling things on our site
Linkshare affiliate program (
Accepting credit card payments (

14) Web Page Construction using

a) Free Web sites (see
d) (free business sites only)
e) Commercial web hosting
i) LA Web Hosting

15) Webmaster's tools

a)  (name choosing)
b) (name brokering)
c)  (business affiliates)
d) (software for developing web pages)
e)  (creating zip files)
f) (creating and reading .pdf files)
g) (scrolling news on your site)
h) (free counters, etc)


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